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Colin Allred Spent Years Working as a Radical Critical Race Theory Activist

HOUSTON, Texas – The New York Post published new details about Colin Allred’s lengthy history of woke critical race theory activism.

Allred served as a researcher for a left-wing extremist who has published numerous works of radical critical race theory propaganda.

Allred’s research helped lead to the publishing of a book that baselessly accuses countless Americans of being racists, states that there is no such thing as an “illegal alien,” called Senators Tim Scott and Marco Rubio “minority mouthpieces,” and contains numerous other incredibly radical passages.

“What’s so disturbing about Colin Allred’s work as a critical race theory activist is that the same divisive, left-wing ideology continues to guide him to this day. He’s taken his extremist ideas to Congress and has consistently fought for national Democrats’ most radical policy goals. That’s why he’s been relentless in his support for Biden’s open borders agenda and the type of reckless spending that’s caused skyrocketing inflation,” said Jarrod Griffin, spokesman for Truth and Courage PAC.

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