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Colin Allred Forced Taxpayers to Bankroll Left-Wing Group That Supports Transitioning Kids and Exposes Children to Graphic Content

HOUSTON, Texas – A Fox News report details how Colin Allred used his position in Congress to send $1 million in taxpayer funds to Resource Center, which promotes dangerous interventions to transition young children and exposes kids to extremely graphic content.

In addition to Allred sending the group $1 million in taxpayer funds, he’s also publicly praised the Resource Center and attended events hosted by the group.

The Resource Center operates Youth First, which regularly exposes children to inappropriate material and hosts programs such as “Queer Sex Ed” and “Gender Identity Night.”

“It’s disgusting that Colin Allred is forcing Texans to bankroll a group that exposes children to graphic material and advocates for harmful, irreversible gender transitioning procedures to be performed on kids. This is yet another example of Allred’s unwavering dedication to the radical transgender movement, even when it means sacrificing the well-being of children and betraying Texas taxpayers,” said Jarrod Griffin, spokesman for Truth and Courage PAC.

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