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Democrats Successfully Recruit Far-Left Radical Colin Allred to Lose to Ted Cruz

HOUSTON, Texas – The Democrat Party’s most radical U.S. Senate recruit in history, Colin Allred, has officially been selected to lose to Senator Ted Cruz in November.

Allred has a long history of supporting extreme, left-wing policies. He has defended the “Defund the Police” movement, voted in favor of open borders policies, supported the radical Green New Deal, said it would be better if the Second Amendment had never been written, and promoted policies that hurt Israel.

“Colin Allred has voted with Joe Biden 100% of the time and championed the most extreme policies beloved by the radical left. Allred has been a rubber stamp for the Biden agenda that directly caused the sky-high inflation crushing hardworking Americans, created the worst border crisis in U.S. history, and made Texas families less safe. Texans know that Allred is only interested in advancing his own career and the radical left’s dangerous agenda, and that’s exactly why they will reject him this November,” said Jarrod Griffin, spokesman for Truth and Courage PAC.

Truth and Courage PAC released a video highlighting the positions that make Allred the Democrats’ most radical recruit in history:

  • Allred voted with Biden 100% of the time, including his big spending bills driving inflation.
  • Allred voted to cut police funding, and weaken penalties for violent criminals. (Roll Call 60, 3/3/2021; Roll Call 119, 2/9/2023)
  • Allred supports sanctuary cities and voted against funding the wall. Allred voted against deporting violent illegal immigrants, even gang members who assault police. (Roll Call 121, 6/26/2020; Roll Call 239, 6/4/2019; Roll Call 225, 5/17/2023)
  • Allred cosponsored legislation to allow men in girls’ locker rooms and boys into girls’ sports. (H.R. 15, 2023; H.Res. 269, 2023; Roll Call 192, 4/20/2023)
  • Allred is against the Second Amendment, saying: “Would it be better had it not been written? Of course.”
  • Allred opposed a Parental Bill of Rights, hiding what kids are being taught in school. (Roll Call 161, 3/24/2023)
  • Allred supports socialist Bernie Sanders’ plan outlawing private health insurance.
  • Allred voted in support of abortion until birth, and against providing medical care to babies that survive abortions. (Roll Call 360, 7/15/2022; Roll Call 77, 2/28/2020)
  • Allred voted against boosting American oil and gas production to lower energy costs. (Roll Call 182, 3/30/2023)
  • Allred is against school choice, saying: “I’m against charter schools.”
  • Allred voted against funding Iron Dome, which protects Israel from Hamas’ rockets. He also voted against anti-BDS measures. (Roll Call 152, 4/4/2019; Roll Call 230, 5/23/2019)

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